Applicable law of the AIFC is guided by principles, norms and precedents of England and Wales`s law and standards of the leading international financial centers.


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Registration AIFC

Introduces a single window system, a simplified mode of:

  • Issuing visas;
  • Registration;
  • Obtaining work permits and other procedures related to the AIFC.


Transport accessibility

Regular and convenient air services between Nur-Sultan and leading international financial centers are being introduced, as part of phased liberalization of air transport regulations at Nursultan Nazarbaev airport for foreign carriers, based on an "Open skies" policy. Currently Nur-Sultan is connected by direct flights with Frankfurt-am-Main, London, Beijing, Dubai and Seoul.

Special tax regime

Exemption from payment of corporate, individual income, land tax and property tax for a period of 50 years (until the end of 2065).

Simplified VISA regime

A visa-free regime will be provided for up to 30 days for OECD, UAE, Malaysian, Singaporean and Monaco citizens. Participants of the AIFC and their family members will enjoy a special visa regime with the possibility of extending to 5 years.

Application of common law

and Own Independent Dispute Resolution System The legal system in the AIFC is based on the principles and jurisprudence of England and Wales.

Regulatory "Sandbox"

“Sandbox” is one of the most common words in the fintech universe. In the financial industry, the term refers to a mechanism for developing regulation that keeps up with the fast pace of innovation.