The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is a unique hub on the map of the financial world that brings together the best practices and opportunities offered by similar institutions around the globe – from New York City and London to Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
We offer the most successful solutions and technologies used by international financial centres, and supplement them with our additional exclusive benefits.
We strive to maximise the opportunities offered by our times. Today, the global economy has abundant financial resources. However, relative shortage of attractive investment projects globally draws increased attention and interest to the emerging markets. Central Eurasia is entering a period of long-term economic growth, opening new horizons for companies, countries and their citizens on their way to prosperity.
We welcome companies and individuals, and are prepared to offer additional opportunities for development and growth to both large financial, industrial and trade corporations, as well as newcomers in the market. And we offer attractive terms to mid-cap companies from the countries in the region.

We are the first institution in the region to offer businesses a complete and comprehensive legal platform for attracting, implementing and protecting investments.AIFC jurisdiction is based on the principles, norms and precedents of the law of England and Wales and (or) standards applied by the world’s leading financial centres. Our independent governing bodies provide additional guarantees and support for businesses and their operations. The AIFC Court, which is separate and independent from Kazakhstan’s judiciary system, comprises the Court of First Instance offering a special fast-track procedure for small claims up to the value of $150,000, and the Court of Appeal.
Our new Astana International Exchange (AIX) was created based on the most innovative solutions and with support from the most experienced and influential international players. Its main strategic partners are the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the hi-tech stock exchange giant NASDAQ that provided the trading platform for the AIX, international financial corporation Goldman Sachs, and the Silk Road Fund, which opens access to projects in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.
A friendly tax regime and operational incentives help reduce expenses and make the cost of doing business in the AIFC attractive to our clients and increase their competitiveness.
We are committed to continually improving our infrastructure and technologies. We are already offering unique growth opportunities in the fintech segment. Very soon, these will be supplemented with new attractive high-liquidity instruments.

  • We create new opportunities for:

Our goal is to support Kazakhstan’s policy of modernisation and growth, make the business environment more friendly, attract capital to accelerate development and provide companies with the most advanced, secure and effective investment instruments. The privatisation of the country’s largest enterprises, which jointly account for 35% of its GDP, sets the bar high for the AIFC.  Kazakhstan acts as a window for investments, making it possible to utilize growth opportunities of all countries in Central Asia and the neighboring regions – the Middle East and China.
The prosperity of our country is impossible in isolation from other regional powers, without taking into account the overall direction of global economic development. Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Kazakhstan and the entire Central Eurasia by offering the corporations and business people new opportunities for attracting investment, creating meaningful and effective projects in the industrial and services sector, and for creating new markets for goods and services.
AIFC’s key advantage is that our participants can benefit from the positive effects of the integration initiatives implemented by China under the Belt and Road Project, and by the Eurasian Economic Union. These initiatives may change the region’s economic landscape dramatically. Our activities span across three major dimensions: as a regional financial hub, we target the Eurasian Economic Union, then Central Eurasia, and, thirdly – the Belt and Road Initiative.
We offer our participants Kazakhstan’s traditional hospitality, and a friendly, comfortable and convenient environment for living and working.
Welcome to AIFC!