Register as a supplier in SAP ARIBA E-procurement system

The SAP Ariba supplier registration manual (download) gives details on the procedures and policies we have introduced.

If you have problems when registering in the system, please contact us on the following e-mail address:

AIFC Authority JSC announces an international competition on Procurement of Equipment for Court and International Arbitration Center by the Open Tender method in the SAP Ariba system.  If you are interested to participate please kindly register following the link and inform us in writing on with the subject “SAP Ariba registration for Open Tender on Procurement of Equipment for Court and International Arbitration Center.”
Then you will be granted an access to provide your proposal for this Open Tender. 
Please kindly pay attention that the access will be granted only upon your registration and confirmation of interest addressed to as described above.
The deadline for submitting a proposal is 21/10/2019.
Should you have any questions, please contact us on

Procurement and Contracting

The AIFC Procurement and Contracting processes are designed to follow such key principles as a) best value for money, meaning optimal and efficient spending of funds allotted for procurement; b) fairness, integrity and transparency; and c) effective competition. The core governing principle is to obtain the best value for money. This means the selection of the offer that presents the optimum combination of lifecycle costs and benefits and meets business needs.

We aspire to have a dynamic and bilateral dialogue with our clients satisfying their needs and following the latest market trends at all stages of procurement, contracting, and service delivery. At the same time, we take all efforts to simplify the processes and always open for new ideas that increase the efficiency and provide a quality service, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

It is also important that our suppliers have a clear understanding of what they are bidding for and delivering and have equal access to opportunities.

We invite you to register with us.