Capital markets

AIFC offers investors and issuers all key capital market mechanisms, including initial and secondary public offerings, trade in stocks, sovereign, regional and corporate bonds, sovereign and corporate eurobonds, depository receipts, investment units, and Islamic financial instruments. An important advantage of the AIFC is that it is prepared to work with mid-cap companies.

For this purpose AIFC has created AIX, a modern stock exchange. Its technological platform has been developed jointly with NASDAQ and meets the latest requirements and expectations of market players. To fulfill this technological potential, a regulatory framework has been put in place; this framework based on English common law is unique in the region.

The sources of liquidity for AIX include investment resources of AIFC participants, assets of wealthy individuals (the total value of investable assets held by the region's high net worth individuals is estimated at $300–500 billion), and Islamic finance. Opportunities for investment include shares of enterprises that are being privatized (at least $10 billion by 2021) and government bonds, both conventional and Islamic (sukuk).

Involvement of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Silk Road Fund, NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs as partners and shareholders is a testament to AIX’s unique potential. Cooperation with these global giants opens up great prospects for AIX and AIFC, as well as their partners and participants.