Ancillary Service Providers

Ancillary Service Providers

AIFC supports the registration of Ancillary Service Providers by granting license through one of its bodies, the Astana Financial Services Authority.

Firms who choose to obtain such license must successfully complete a series of requirements during their application and fit the standard criteria of principles required. Once the process is finished, these firms officially become AIFC participants. In order to obtain the AFSA license, there are 5 types of ancillary services that firms can provide: legal, audit, accountancy, consulting, credit rating.

Providing Legal Services means the application of legal principles or judgement, including but not limited to: giving legal advice or counsel; drafting or completion of legal documents or agreements; representation in court proceedings; negotiation of legal rights or responsibilities; and participation in employment negotiations, arbitrations or conciliations.

Providing Audit Services means performing audit, examination, verification, investigation, certification, presentation or review of financial transactions and accounting records, as well as preparing or certifying reports on financial, accounting and other related documents.

Providing Accountancy Services means the application of accounting principles or judgement, including but not limited to advising on matters relating to accounting procedure and the recording, presentation or certification of financial information or data.

Performing Consultancy Services means providing expert knowledge or advice on a particular topic.

Providing Credit Rating Services means analysing information carried on with a view to issuing or reviewing a Credit Rating, as well as actually issuing a Credit Rating.