AIFC Ethics Code

AIFC Ethics Code


The AIFC is committed to the highest standards and principles of business ethics, as outlined in the AIFC Ethics Code (the Code). The Code is based on international standards and best practices. The UK Institute of Business Ethics has been identified as a reputable source of ethics-related advice and has endorsed the Code. The Code embodies the AIFC's commitment to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and serves as a primary source for ethical decision-making. The Code is structured around the relations of the AIFC: with its stakeholders, the marketplace, the wider community, and internally. In each of these areas, the Code outlines the values and business principles to which the AIFC adheres. The Code also addresses issues confidentiality, conflicts of of interest, anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

The AIFC Ethics Code applies to:

  • AIFC Bodies, except the AIFC Management Council, the Chief Justice, judges and Registrar of the AIFC Court, and the Chairman, arbitrators and Registrar of the IAC.
  • AIFC Bodies' organisations, apart from the AIX, which has updated its Code of Conduct to reflect the AIFC Ethics Code.


  • Accountability: Accepting ownership of our decisions and their consequences, and taking responsibility for our commitments, actions, and results.
  • Integrity: As individuals, our personal integrity means that others can trust us, and know that we are honest, fair, and forthright. We are committed to making unbiased decisions that serve our business needs as well as the interests of everyone with whom we do business.
  • Focus on the future: We plan for our future and always think one step ahead.
  • Collaboration: Sound teamwork and effective, efficient vertical and horizontal communications within the AIFC Community.