Webinar "Safe Internet for children"
Webinar "Safe Internet for children"
AIFC Academy of Law

Are you concerned about your child's safety on Internet? Join us for a free webinar with our experts!

The AIFC Academy of Law is proud to host a free webinar "Safe Internet for children''. The event is dedicated to International Children's Day.

We invited Child Protection Specialist of UNICEF Kazakhstan Office Aislu Bekmussa and Chief Analyst of the National Information Security Coordination Center of JSC State Technical Service Abulkhair Imanberdiev to share their presentations and provide an insightful view of the safe Internet.

The discussion will cover:

▫ The main threats to the safety of children on the Internet;

▪ Online communication;

▫ Personal data;

▪ Сyberbullying and how to protect yourself from it;

▫ Indicators of computer addiction.

In a webinar, you’ll know about key conclusions and recommendations of international research on children’s safety in the digital environment. The event also includes an audience Q&A session so you may get additional information from the experts.

Date: May 30, 2022

Language of the event: Russian

Format: Online (Zoom) - Recording is available on Youtube.

For more information, please see the webinar's programme

Online, Zoom

30 May 22

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