Legal Services Regulation

Legal Services Regulation

AIFC introduced the regime for regulation of Legal Advisers on an individual level based on international best practice to ensure high professional standards of competence, ethics and integrity in the provision of legal services in the AIFC. 

Lawyers wishing to practice the AIFC Law could apply for registration by the AIFC Legal Services Board to provide legal services as Registered Legal Advisers. 

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AIFC Legal Services Board

AIFC Legal Services Board (LSB) is a designated body for the registration and regulation of Legal Advisers in the AIFC. For more information about the LSB, its composition and powers, please follow the link.

The Office of the LSB is an operating body of the LSB that organises and ensures the efficient operation of the LSB.

AIFC Legal Services Regulatory Framework

AIFC Legal Services Regulations are a primary piece of the AIFC Legal Services Regulatory Framework. The Regulations introduce the AIFC regime for regulation of Legal Advisers and provide a statutory ground for establishment of the AIFC Legal Services Board.

The subsidiary legislation of the AIFC Legal Services Regulatory Framework consists of the following Rules adopted by the LSB:

Guidance for Registration of Legal Advisers provides guidance for Legal Advisers on how to apply for registration by the LSB.

Practising Fees Rules determine the fees payable by Registered Legal Advisers and Legal Advisers applying for registration by the LSB.

List of Recognised Professional Bodies determines a list of recognised professional bodies for purpose of acknowledgement of professional qualifications and registration of foreign Legal Advisers.

Legal Services Code sets out a single standard for the provision of legal services by the Registered Legal Advisers to protect the interests of society and consumers of legal services.

Continuing Legal Professional Development Rules sets out the requirements and standards for continuing professional development of Registered Legal Advisers.

AIFC Legal Services Regulations and Rules of the LSB are available via the link.

How to apply

To register, a completed registration form and supporting documents evidencing professional qualification and professional indemnity insurance of a Legal Adviser shall be submitted to the Office of the Board at [email protected].

Application form for Legal Advisers

List of supporting documents:

  1. Copy of current Practicing Certificate or Letter of Good Standing from Recognised Professional Bodies. For Kazakhstani lawyers, in the absence of a practising certificate, present a copy of the law degree.
  2. Copy of national ID/passport
  3. Digital photo
  4. Copy of a valid professional indemnity insurance 

Contact information

For any queries, please contact Office of the LSB.

Email: [email protected]