Private Banking

Private Banking

The AIFC supports the development of the Private banking sector in conjunction with the development of the asset management market and expertise. The AIFC with its dynamic and sound course of actions opens investment opportunities for High Net-Worth Individuals in the region and invites international Private Banking firms and External Asset Managers to set up their offices within the Centre.

As private wealth management is globally experiencing a shift towards Asia, and as emerging economies are drawing more investments and fueling further wealth generation, AIFC aims at positioning Astana as an important regional wealth management hub in Central Asia for selected customer base from CIS/EAEU and other parts of Asia by creating a new platform for private banking.

AIFC provides a supportive and sound regulatory framework similar to the world’s leading financial jurisdictions, leveraged on the positive global experience of world’s leading wealth management centres such as Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg and UAE.

The extensive range of products and services (investment & portfolio advisory, tax & wealth planning, asset allocation) are offered via models and structures such as representatives, advisory, branches and development of booking and custody for the local players in line with global best practices of a modern wealth management.

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