Expat Centre

Expat Centre is a multifunctional one-stop shop designed to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition for foreign individuals and their families moving to Kazakhstan.


Our Centre provides comprehensive support in essential migration issues, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. From assistance in visa and residence permit matters to accommodation and school searches, our dedicated team ensures all aspects that client might need. Clients can easily schedule appointments at their convenience, allowing assigned personal managers to efficiently handle every detail of the relocation process.


The Expat Centre is your trusted partner for a seamless integration into Kazakhstan.

AIFC Expat Centre is your go-to destination for

Visa Processing
Assistance in processing visas for foreign employees and investors as well as their family members, including visa extensions, category changes, cancellations, and more. Full support in application process of temporary residence permit, including fingerprinting procedure (dactyloscopy) and notice on arrival.

Visa categories that can be obtained through AIFC Expat Centre:
● Short-term business visa (single-entry B1/B3)
● Long-term business visa (multiple-entry B2/B3)
● Work and dependent visa (C3)
● Investor and dependent Visa A5


Essential government services
● Obtain an individual identification number or electronic signature.
● Support in processing documents to obtain a taxpayer’s certificate.
● Document Translation and Notarization

Expert consultations
Receive guidance on entry and stay procedures, visa-related inquiries, and more.

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