Questions and answers

  • Can I bring in staff on London contracts of employment, and if so for how long?

  • If I have to use AIFC employment law for hiring staff, how far can I adapt it for my own purposes?

  • When do you envisage regulating banking and insurance services?

  • How does the AIFC regulation of financial technology actually work?

  • If the AFSA and other AIFC bodies have no criminal prosecution powers, how does Anti-Money Laundering oversight work in the AIFC?

  • Can I assure my clients that their interests are adequately protected, in relation to, for instance, market abuse by others and my own insolvency?

  • Can I choose to make my AIFC contracts subject to a law other than the Acting Law of the AIFC?

  • Can parties to a dispute arising in Kazakhstan outside the AIFC agree to litigate their case in the AIFC Court? Or to submit to arbitration in the AIFC?

  • Are judgments of the AIFC Court enforceable in greater Kazakhstan? And elsewhere? What about AIFC arbitral awards?

  • If I get the exemption, does that mean that anything I do in the AIFC is then tax exempt?

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