AIFC Court and IAC present their 2021 results and future plans

03 Jun 2024

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in AIFC Connect event, that took place today, on February 2nd, in London. Engaging discussions and valuable insights marked a memorable gathering, providing a deeper understanding of the potential within Kazakhstan and the evolving Central Asian financial landscape.

Special thanks to our exceptional moderators – Hugh Morris, Janet Heckman and Dan Anghelache who skillfully guided the discussions, setting the stage for enriching conversations.

From discussions on AIFC’s transformative role to insights into the equity capital and debt markets in Kazakhstan, our expert panels provided invaluable perspectives. As we compile the event’s highlights, we extend gratitude to our esteemed speakers:

Angela A. Knight
Nick Kaufmann
Kiyan Z.
Evgeny Monakhov
Ivan Starcevic
Marat Dikanbayev
Seitzhan Zhanybekov
Botagoz Abisheva
Viktor E. Szabo, CFA
Saule Zhakayeva
Tim Bennett
Renat Bekturov, CFA
Temirlan Mukhanbetzhanov, CFA
Rest assured, we look forward to the AIFC Connect series extending its reach, ensuring ongoing discussions globally on the opportunities in Kazakhstan and the AIFC.

“I am delighted that the AIFC Court has become an active commercial court as it comes to the end of its fourth year of operations. The AIFC Court has given 21 judgments and has ongoing case work including a range of contractual disputes in the commercial field. I am particularly pleased that, despite the pandemic, the AIFC Court has not been confined to remote hearings but has recently heard its first case in its world class premises in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. I welcome the constitutional arrangement under which the first case has, by consent of the parties to the case, been transferred from the national courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan to, and has so been dealt with by, the AIFC Court. I am also grateful to all the other Justices of the Court and to the Registrar and Chief Executive for recently renewing their commitment to the AIFC Court for another five years. International investors can be confident that the world class standards of justice provided by the AIFC Court are assured for the future.
AIFC AI assistant