The World Economic Forum’s Affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Kazakhstan was officially launched

The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), together with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MDDIAI RK), launched the Affiliated Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in Kazakhstan.

The official opening ceremony took place as part of the annual Astana Finance Days conference. The opening was attended by Sir Suma Chakrabarti, the Adviser to the President of Kazakhstan, Kairat Kelimbetov, Chairman, Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Governor of the AIFC, Bagdat Mussin, Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Borge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, Jeremy Jurgens, Head of the Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, Efe Erdem, Head of the Affiliate Centre for 4IR in Turkey and Yerken Shnazbayev, Corporate IT Director of Eurasian Resources Group.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has led to stunning technological breakthroughs in a wide range of fields, including AI and ML, IoT and robotics, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, Big data and more.

The Centre 4IR brings together governments, business organizations, dynamic startups, civil society, academia and international organizations to design, implement and improve flexible and human-centered pilot projects that can be adopted by policymakers, legislators and regulators around the world.

By establishing an Affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Kazakhstan, the government of Kazakhstan and the AIFC is developing a favorable environment to harness the emerging technologies that will significantly impact the innovative development of Kazakhstan

Kairat Kelimbetov, Chairman, Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre, commented: 

“The Affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Kazakhstan will unite government agencies, business and industrial partners of Central Asia to develop regulatory standards and implement innovative projects. With this cooperation, Kazakhstan’s business community as well as AIFC participants will be able to establish business partnerships with the Forum’s members and go beyond borders thanks to the global network of the World Economic Forum. “


Bagdat Mussin, The Minister of digital development, innovations and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 

“There are 3 important components that the state should pay attention to, including adopting the experience of leading foreign countries and applying it in practice.

First of all, it is necessary to deploy the appropriate communications infrastructure. For the “Internet of Things”, for the implementation of robotization and artificial intelligence in production, a high-quality Internet is needed, perhaps even 5G. It is important to use international experience in this direction.

Secondly, one of our tasks is to enlist the support of the international community, to use international experience in the field of training and retraining of domestic professionals. Our specialists must be ready for the transition to Industry 4.0 and improve their skills and competencies.

Thirdly, motivation and incentives from the state are important: be it tax breaks or co-investment. That is, to offer favorable conditions for enterprises.”


Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, highlighted: 

“By joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution Centres Network, Kazakhstan is stating to the world that they will adopt new technologies that are people-centered, inclusive and governed by fair principles.”


The establishment of the Centre for 4IR in Kazakhstan will contribute to the regulation of technologies and their development, stimulate the economy, improve the quality of life, and prevent and manage the upcoming challenges and consequences. Moreover, the Centre for 4IR in Kazakhstan will assist in the developing of the entire region, equitable distribution of opportunities and ensuring equal benefits for society.



The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) was created by the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Leader of the Nation, Nur-Sultan Nazarbayev as part of the “100 steps to implement five institutional reforms” national program. The Management council of the AIFC during the council’s meeting on July 2, 2020 approved the Centre’s development strategy until 2025. In accordance with the strategy, the vision of AIFC is in becoming the leading financial centre in the region that includes Central Asia, the Caucasus, EAEU countries, western China, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe.

The mission of the AIFC is in assisting the sustainable and long term development of the region. As the head of state Tokayev noted, “AIFC, with its unique opportunities, can act as a universal platform that connects the countries in the region.” The strategic directions for the sustainable development of the AIFC include the development of a circular economy, financial technologies, and “digital financial centre.” 

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The Fintech Hub of the AIFC is a meeting point for global startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, investors, leading industry experts and specialists. The development of fintech in the AIFC includes programs to support startups, corporate innovations, the venture capital market, specially developed rules and a regulator that allow testing products and solutions in the field of fintech.

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