• Registration of AIFC residents;
  • Asset Management.  The key beneficiary of services is a Government, which is interested in effective management of the National Fund and other sovereign funds with the involvement of advanced world practices;
  • Private Banking. The key beneficiaries are the wealthy inhabitants of the EAEC region and Central Asia, who are interested in preserving and multiplying personal capital;
  • Commercial and civil dispute resolution. The recipients of services can be AIFC residents, as well as AIFC non-residents, who chose the AIFC Court or the International Arbitration Centre as the venue for dispute resolution;
  • Providing a wide range of services to foreign citizens - the AIFC employees or participants based on the "one-stop-shop" model;
  • Training, professional development and specialists certification in the field of economics, finance and investment;
  • Provision of an Exchange platform for corporations (listing), government bodies (bond issue), as well as retail and large investors interested in various financial instruments.

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