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AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD Ltd.)

Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD Ltd.) provides international professional certification preparatory courses and implements the best international practices to develop human capital and create pool of local professionals with international recognition for the AIFC eco system and beyond.

The AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD Ltd) is focused on the development of human capital and plans to retrain over 5,000 specialists in the financial industry of Kazakhstan, ultimately creating a critical mass of professionals for the AIFC eco-system and beyond. In addition, the BCPD Ltd. develops programmes aimed at maintenance and development of the core pillars of AIFC including Islamic finance, fintech, capital markets, green finance, as well as asset and wealth management. 

The BCPD’s vision is to become the leading professional development body in the fields of accounting, finance, legal, human resources, information and communication technology (ICT) and corporate governance, in Kazakhstan and the region.

Our mission is to develop human capital in the ecosystem of AIFC and beyond by creating platform for continuous professional development, formation and building professional communities, accessible expertise and open dialogue between market professionals. In doing so, we want to contribute to the sustainable development of the Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan and the broader region. Our mission is driven by the ardent desire to promote the highest standards of professional excellence, integrity and accountability, and to advance human talent development through training and mentorship.


Training Centre 

The Bureau has identified 16 professional areas in which it is planned to develop professional development programs for different levels of positions, as well as for subsequent proposals to the open market and professional communities. Professional programs are designed to develop personal, professional and functional skills. Business communication, managerial coaching, time management and project management are part of the Program for Personal Skills Development. International certification programs, such as the CFA, ACCA, FRM, PHRi, SPHRi, Islamic Finance programs (IFQ) and others, are included in the skills development programs. Knowledge of programming languages, software and technology is included in the Bureau’s functional skills development program


HR Nerve Centre

The mission of HR Nerve Centre is to create a personnel reserve of 50,000 professionals who meet international qualification standards and are potentially ready for employment, to provide search and selection services for AIFC’s agencies and company members, as well as provide outsourcing and outstaffing services. HR Nerve Centre is also an expert HR centre that provides consulting services, shares practices and experience with the AIFC ecosystem and the external market.

Astana International Campus (AIC) being a part of the AIFC infrastructure on the territory of the EXPO, is a professional interactive multimedia platform for the development of educational and professional initiatives, international exchange of experience, the introduction of the best advanced technologies and innovations, as well as for the preparation of future leaders and drivers of the country’s economy. The site brings together international and local partners of the AIFC Bureau, and aims to support initiatives for continuous professional development, the formation of thematic content and the organization of professional activities for effective interaction.

On the basis of Astana International Campus, it is planned to launch joint academic programs with leading foreign and local universities, close cooperation with leading experts and recognized professionals at the AIFC site for broadcasting and implementing best international practices and global trends in professional development.

The synergy is carried out through the support of 5,000 professional leaders, involving 10,000 market professionals, the academic environment from among stakeholders and partners, and expanding the market for professional development through the best Edu-tech technologies.

AIC Mission: Combining international experience with local wisdom to transform thinking and approaches in continuous professional development in order to move “from an economy of ideas to an economy of people” for the sustainable development in the region.

Vision: Integration of the best international practices with local content to create the infrastructure for the development of professional competencies and communities in order to increase the competitiveness of local personnel in a global context, as well as to increase the human capital index of the country and the region.


BPCD Partnership Centre

Purpose: Cooperation with companies that have similar goals with BCPD Ltd., to promote professional educational and consulting products and create mutually beneficial synergies.

What we do:

- Unite local and international companies with a mission similar to BCPD, and maintain relationships between them for a mutually beneficial outcome and create a community of professionals.

- Provide support business social initiatives in order to expand their current activities and increase the market for continuing professional education to create a platform.

- Jointly create educational programs, conduct events that are demand-driven and customizable based on BCPD Partners' established business goals / initiatives and professional market needs


Our potential partners:

- Professional organizations / associations in Kazakhstan and beyond.

-Professional educational / training companies in the areas of finance, investment, accounting, law, HR, IT, project management and others as agreed

- IT companies and IT schools for joint projects

- Consulting companies

- Outsourcing / outstaff company

- Social initiatives

For questions and suggestions please contact: partnership@aifc.edu.kz


Academic Council

The Academic Council was created to build and ensure the implementation of academic activities through continuing professional development of both AIFC staff and AIFC participants, as well as candidates of AIFC personnel reserve in accordance with the best international practices.


Professional Certifications

The AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development provides professional programs based on international certifications and programs in the areas of investment management, risk management, accounting and auditing, human resources, ICT management, cybersecurity, and corporate governance. The training centre provides up to 100 programs of various formats for duration and content in 16 areas for professionals from various sectors.


Conditional Grants

One of the key features of the Bureau for Continuing Professional Development is ‘the AIFC Conditional Grants’ program, aimed at promoting the Bureau’s professional development programs and supporting the local professional community.

Unlike regular grant schemes which provides funding to students upfront, the conditional grant scheme assumes reimbursement of up to 100% of all the expenses related to the program upon its successful completion in full by students. The reimbursement schemes are commonly used in corporate world to motivate and promote in-house training programs for employees.

Another important part of the program “Conditional Grants of AIFC” is the obligation of students who have successfully passed all exams to work out a specific period of time in the field of professional education.


More details: AIFC.EDU.KZ

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