AIFC Bodies

AIFC Management Council

Definition of strategic growth areas for the AIFC and creation of a favourable environment for its development as a leading international financial services centre

AIFC Governor

Oversight of interaction among AIFC Bodies and its officers to ensure meeting AIFC’s objectives

AIFC Authority
Administrative support for AIFC Bodies and organizations
AIFC’s independent and an integrated regulator of all financial and market activities, ancillary services, as well as a registration authority for all AIFC participants.
AIFC Court
The independent common law operating to the highest international standards
An independent and expeditious alternative to court litigation providing arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution methods

Other key players

AIFC stock exchange
Tech Hub
Support for start-up projects and companies in IT and financial technologies
AIFC Investment Tax Residency Programme
AIFC Investment Tax Residency Programme
Personnel training and implementation of professional standards
AIFC Green Finance Centre
Ensures development of green finance policy and green finance instruments
AIFC Expat Centre
Providing full range of services to foreign employees and their families
Academy of Law
Provides implementation of legal educational programs on the AIFC law