On the eve of the professional holiday of financiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a traveling exhibition from the collection of the funds of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Sounds of Centuries” opened on the territory of the EXPO

The purpose of the exhibition is to popularize the fine arts of Kazakhstan on the international platform and expand the area of exhibition activities. Delegations from foreign countries, foreign investors, AIFC participants, etc. will be able to visit the exposition and get acquainted with the work of Kazakhstani artists.

The exhibition is dedicated to the work of contemporary artists and combines many plastic practices in painting, sculpture and graphics based on the transitional content of traditional art of the 1980s-2020s. The exposition presents works which compositional subjects are intertwined with the past, present and future of Kazakhstan.

The organizers of the exhibition noted that in each decade of the period under review, Kazakh art developed on its own way, while attention to the problems of mutual influence of traditions, customs and heritage remained unchanged. Artists working in different styles and directions, using different “plots” have one common origin, a certain synchronicity of development, love and respect for plots, customs and traditions from the history of the Kazakh people.

The exposition presents works by artists of the XX-XXI centuries: E. Tulepbaev “City in the steppe” 1985, K. Akhmetzhan “Torangy” (on verses by Abay) 1995, A. Smagulova “Craftswoman” 1999, B. Myrzakhmetov “Korkyt” 1999, A. Dinikeev “Baiga” 2001, B. Burdesbekov “Spring” 2001, B. Zaurbekova “Sounds of Centuries” 2000, A. Duzelkhanov “Golden Man” 2002, M. Bekeev “Day of the Moon II” 2009, A. Abzhanova “Snowfall in December” (Baiterek) 2015.



The Astana International Financial Centre was created by the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Leader of the Nation, Nur-Sultan Nazarbayev as part of the “100 steps to implement five institutional reforms” national program. The Centre’s development strategy until 2025 was approved by the Management council of the AIFC during the council’s meeting on July 2, 2020. In accordance with the strategy, the vision of AIFC is in becoming the leading financial centre in the region that includes Central Asia, the Caucasus, EAEU countries, western China, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe.

The mission of the AIFC is in assisting the sustainable and long term development of the region. As the head of state Tokayev noted, “AIFC, with its unique opportunities, can act as a universal platform that connects the countries in the region.” The strategic directions for the sustainable development of the AIFC include the development of a circular economy, financial technologies, and “digital financial centre.” https://aifc.kz

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest Museum in Central Asia. The Museum was created on behalf of the 1st President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev within the framework of the State program “Cultural heritage”. Priceless artifacts found as a result of archaeological excavations under the state program “Cultural heritage” make up the main Fund of the National Museum. The Museum houses the world-famous Golden man, gold finds of Berel, Taldy, Taksay-2 mounds, unique finds of the Botay settlement, medieval cities of Turkestan, Otyrar, Taraz, koylyk, Bozok, etc.

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