Поставщики профессиональных услуг

Если ваша компания будет заниматься профессиональными (вспомогательными) услугами, она должна пройти две отдельные процедуры:
Авторизация (получение лицензии от регулятора, AFSA).


To provide regulated financial, market, or professional (ancillary) services within the AIFC, your company must initially obtain a license from the regulator, AFSA. This license enables AFSA to identify and prevent significant misconduct or harm, ensuring that companies and individuals adhere to predefined criteria before offering financial, market or professional (ancillary) services within the AIFC.

Регистрация компании

You can establish your company or branch in the AIFC by:


Incorporating a new entity

Registering a Foreign Company or Partnership as a Recognised Company or Partnership

Redomiciling a legal entity from another jurisdiction.


Once your company secures a license (applicable to selected industries) and registers in the AIFC, it can start operations. AIFC Participants must regularly provide annual filings and notify the AIFC of any changes in their registered details. Post-registration involves ongoing compliance and reporting to meet AIFC regulatory standards.


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Advantages of setting up a business in AIFC

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