In order to conduct financial or ancillary services in or from the AIFC, firms need to obtain a licence from the AFSA. The authorisation process enables the AFSA to identify, prevent significant misconduct or harm from occurring and to ensure that firms and individuals meet threshold conditions before a firm carries out financial or ancillary services from the AIFC.

Authorisation process


Familiarize yourself with AIFC Rules and Regulations.


Complete the application forms, submit the required documents, and create customized materials for the specific license. This may include a business plan, financial projections, and any additional necessary documentation.


Determine the senior management team by completing individual application forms.


Pay applicable fees (depending on license) and submit application with supporting documents to AFSA.


Receive an In-Principle Approval.


Fulfill all conditions imposed by AFSA and referenced in the In-Principle Approval.

Note: Detailed information and guidelines are available in the downloadable brochure provided below.

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