The AIFC provides multiple options for establishing your business, whether you’re starting a new company or relocating from another jurisdiction. Additionally, various legal structures are available to best suit your company’s activities.

Overview of the Registration Process

Determine Establishment Method

Decide on how you want to establish your legal entity.

You have three options:

  • Incorporate a new entity within the AIFC.
  • Register a Foreign Company/Partnership from any jurisdiction as a Recognised Company or Recognised Partnership.
  • Redomicile a legal entity incorporated in another jurisdiction to the AIFC.
Define Business Activity

Clarify the nature of the business activity your legal entity will engage in within the AIFC.

Choose Legal Entity Type

Select the appropriate type of legal entity that aligns with your business goals and regulatory requirements.

Review General Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the general requirements applicable to all legal entities operating within the AIFC.

Register your business

Once you’ve determined the above factors, proceed with the online registration process at

Contact information

For any queries, please contact Participants Support team.
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