AIFC Analytics & Publications

We provide valuable insights and detailed analysis to empower investors, policymakers, and stakeholders. The AIFC Analytics & Publications section offers pivotal data and in-depth examinations of the economic landscape and industry trends in Kazakhstan and beyond. AIFC Analytics gives a comprehensive overview of registered and licensed companies, highlighting key trends and providing detailed analysis of their impact on economic growth. Our reports offer essential insights into the corporate ecosystem and the financial sectors within the AIFC.

Whether you’re relocating, establishing a presence in the region, or exploring the economic environment, this section meets your needs. AIFC Publications offer a macroeconomic perspective, covering a broad range of industries from renewables to electric vehicles. Each publication provides a thorough understanding of various sectors, highlighting challenges, opportunities, and growth potential within Kazakhstan and its global integration.


Explore insights on companies registered and licensed at the AIFC, along with a thorough examination of the financial ecosystem within the AIFC.
Explore macroeconomic environment of Kazakhstan and the region, as well as diverse industries, from renewables to electric vehicles and beyond.
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