Kazakhstan Investment Tax Residency Programme

Kazakhstan Investment Tax Residency Programme allows foreign nationals to make investment to the variety of financial instruments and apply for a long-term investment visas or temporary residence and tax residence under simplified conditions.

Key benefits

  • Tax exemptions on foreign income and investments in the Programme
  • 5-year visa/temporary residence permit for the investor and his/her immediate family
  • High-liquidity investment instruments
  • “90-days residency rule” for Tax Residency Certificate
  • Unlimited access to and the opportunity to live, work, and study in Kazakhstan

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicant has not been a citizen of Kazakhstan within 20 years
  • Applicant has not been a tax resident of Kazakhstan within 20 years


  • Securities listed on AIX
  • Investments in the share capital of a legal entity registered in accordance with the Acting Law of the AIFC

How to apply


Choose an Authorized Agent and submit an online application


Pay the application processing fee


Pass a due diligence check


Invest a minimum of 60,000 US Dollars in the approved investment instrument


Become the AIFC Investment Resident


Apply for investor visa/ temporary residence permit to the authorized state body


Reside in Kazakhstan for 90 days to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate


Pay the annual fee (7,000 MCI) to the state budget for issuing a Tax Residence Certificate


Become a Tax Resident and enjoy all benefits of the Programme

Contact our authorized agents to help you with the application process

ABROY Boutique Law Firm

ABROY Boutique Law Firm is a law firm registered under the AIFC law and is licensed to provide ancillary legal and financial consultancy services. The law firm is specialized in Kazakhstan and International commercial litigation, inbound & outbound taxation, AIFC, corporate management proceeding and harmonization, as well as providing financial assessment and support services. The company is experienced in working with both domestic and international companies and individuals, having represented clients from the UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, and the Netherlands.

Legal Consulting Community Limited

Legal Consulting Community Limited (LCC Ltd.) is a registered and authorised law firm in the AIFC jurisdiction since 2019. AIFC business set-up experts with 4-years of experience in dealing with clients from all around the globe. Company`s goal is to provide client-oriented service with minimal time-consuming and maximum resource-saving. LCC Ltd. is licensed to provide Legal and Consulting services, as well as acting as a Company Service Provider. LCC Ltd. team is represented by experienced professionals practicing in business and law in Kazakhstan and AIFC, Russia, Belgium, France, and other countries.

DH Private

DH Private is a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in investment migration, migration for financially independent individuals, private and corporate tax planning and structuring, estate planning, and corporate and tax services. The firm has 15 offices around the globe and its headquarters are in Malta.

Website: www.dhprivate.com

Email: [email protected]

Contacts: +7(925) 772-59-42

BOND STONE International Law Firm

BOND STONE International Law Firm established in Kazakhstan in 2007, offers specialized legal support for global businesses and investors seeking to expand their footprint in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Renowned as one of the leading international law firms in Kazakhstan, BOND STONE has garnered a stellar reputation among clients and gained recognition from esteemed international rating organizations such as Legal 500 and IFLR 1000 for its exceptional services.
Setting itself apart from competitors in the legal market, BOND STONE excels in knowledge, legal expertise, and the application of cutting edge legal technology to address clients’ investment needs and capitalize on opportunities in Banking, Finance, and FinTech sectors.

Phone:+7(701) 729 76 72

Email:[email protected]

Website: https://bondstonelaw.com/

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