How to Become a Registered Legal Adviser

AIFC introduced the regime for regulation of Legal Advisers on an individual level based on international best practice to ensure high professional standards of competence, ethics and integrity in the provision of legal services in the AIFC. Lawyers wishing to practice the AIFC Law could apply for registration by the AIFC Legal Services Board to provide legal services as Registered Legal Advisers.

How to register as a Legal Adviser


Submit a Copy of current Practicing Certificate or Letter of Good Standing from Recognised Professional Bodies. For Kazakhstani lawyers, in the absence of a practising certificate, present a copy of the law degree.


Attach a copy of your ID/passport and digital photo


Provide a copy of a valid professional indemnity insurance.


Pay the annual fee of $150 USD upon obtaining the Registered Legal Adviser status

See the list of Registered Legal Advisers in the AIFC


Roll of Registered Legal Advisers_10 July 2024

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