The goal of Astana International Exchange is to become a financial hub for global and local investors, and, issuers to enable domestic and regional economic development.

AIFC created a favorable ecosystem through its regulation by practicing a special legal regime based on the principles of English common law. The Centre has established an independent regulator, AFSA, which was modeled on the FCA. AIX uses its market rules based on the UKLA and DIFC models.

For investors, there are tax incentives, namely: exemption from capital income tax or payments of rewards/dividends on securities placed on AIX in accordance with active trading criteria. Additionally, AIX holds a UK HMRC ‘recognised stock exchange’ status, which provides tax incentives for the UK investors. In terms of currency, there is a possibility of multi-currency trading, issuance and settlement.

AIX has a multi-currency settlement system that allows you to invest in dollars or tenge.

More than 140 securities are listed on AIX, including equity, exchange-traded funds and notes.

Currently, more than 30 brokerage companies operate on AIX.

The AIX membership procedure is available here.