The goal of Astana International Exchange is to become a financial hub for global and local investors, and, issuers to enable domestic and regional economic development.

AIFC created a favorable ecosystem through its regulation by practicing a special legal regime based on the principles of English common law. The Centre has established an independent regulator, AFSA, which was modeled on the FCA. AIX uses its market rules based on the UKLA and DIFC models.

There are tax benefits for investors such as: no tax on capital gains or interest/dividend payments on securities listed on AIX. Additionally, AIX holds a UK HMRC ‘recognised stock exchange’ status, which provides tax incentives for the UK investors. In terms of currency, there is a possibility of multi-currency trading, issuance and settlement.

By establishing operations, regional and international brokerage firms can centralise the resources used to service Central Asia and gain a competitive cost of operation. The capital market is ideal for brokers due to their possibility of easy and remote access via recognition process. Currently, there are 16 local ones, including all major local brokerage companies. In addition, there are 6 international ones, including CITICS, RenCap, Wood, CICC, SWHY, Univer.

Becoming a member at AIX consists of 2 steps.

  1. Firms apply to AFSA (Regulator) for obtaining status of Recognized Non-AIFC member (RNAM).
    Qualified market participants, such as brokers and dealers, may apply for recognition status and get an access to the AIX. In this case, the AFSA recognizes the current Licence (from home jurisdiction), and you do not have to establish a legal presence.
  2. Firms apply to AIX for obtaining the trading membership
    A list of required documents must be collected to pass the Due Diligence.