AIFC Authority

AIFC Authority - the Centre's body that provides necessary needs for the other bodies activities, structural units, participants and employees of the Centre.
The Board of Directors is the administrative body of the AIFC. Management of the current activities of the Centre`s Authority is carried out by a board, headed by the CEO Nurlan Kussainov.
AIFC Authority within the scope of their authority:
  • Submits proposals to the AIFC Management Board (Council) for determining the development strategy of the Centre (in consultation with the Astana Financial Services Authority - AFSA), with the exception of the regulation of financial services and related activities at the Centre; 
  • Reports to the Council on the approved development strategy implementation of the Centre and submits an annual report of the Centre`s activities for approval;
  • Develops draft resolutions of the Council, coordinates with AFSA, submits for public discussion and submits them to the Council for adoption;
  • Adopts acts in the form of regulatory provisions on matters not related to the regulation of financial services and related activities at the Centre;
  • Prepares and approves the annual and medium-term budgets of the Centre;
  • Makes proposals to the Council for the creation of subsidiary and other bodies, necessary for the purposes of the Centre, their abolition or reorganization;
  • Establishes and maintains links with other international and regional financial centres, development institutions and other international organizations;
  • Provides assistance in obtaining visas for employees of the participants or Centre bodies and the involvement of labor force participants in the Centre;
  • Keeps records of the foreign workforce, attracted by the participants and Centre bodies and provides information to the authorized body for migration issues.

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