Fintech Hub


In light of the global boom in the development of digital technologies – primarily financial ones, innovative technologies have become one of the priority areas for activities of the AIFC Authority.

The FinTech Hub was created as a point of integration between innovation and new ideas with a view to promoting economic development in Central Asia. Our mission is to bring together key participants in the financial technologies ecosystem, international partners, experts, entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology projects to stimulate the development of financial technologies.

The activities of the FinTech Hub are divided into three key areas:

Research and development of new digital technologies for the financial market and implementation of pilot projects:

  1. The Financial Supermarket digital platform.
  2. Blockchain projects.
  3. Setting up of innovation labs.
  4. Organization of educational workshops jointly with foreign partners.

Implementation of accelerator and incubator programs to support the development of fintech companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia/Eurasia:

  1. FintechStars Accelerator Program.
  2. FintechStars Incubator Program and Mentorship.
  3. FintechStars National Fintech Contest, a series of hackathon competitions.

Strategic partnership with key international companies for talent, technology and investment exchange and sharing ideas on ways to stimulate the development of the fintech community:

  1. Partnership with international fintech hubs by creating fintech bridges with regions as Asia, Europe, Middle East and CIS and participation in key fintech events worldwide.
  2. Fintech Circle Association, a platform for deploying digital innovations, creating a dynamic ecosystem and accelerating the adoption of fintech initiatives into the market.

"Financial Sector Overview. Russia, CIS and the Caucasus" report prepared by AIFC in partnership with Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC.

The report provides statistics on the volume of banking and fintech industries, as well as information on measures of government support, tax regulation and investment climate in post-Soviet countries.

You can download report here.

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