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By the Chairman of the International Arbitration Centre

The International Arbitration Centre (“IAC”) provides an independent, economical and expeditious alternative to court litigation, operating to the highest international standards to resolve civil and commercial disputes in the AIFC.

The IAC has its own panel of outstanding international arbitrators and mediators who are greatly experienced, independent, impartial and of the highest integrity.

The IAC offers parties maximum choice and flexibility in choosing the rules and procedures they wish to use for there solution of their disputes at the IAC.  

Parties may agree for the IAC to:

Administer their arbitration according to the IAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules. These rules include procedures for expedited arbitrations, the appointment of emergency arbitrators, and resolution of investment treaty disputes.

Administer their arbitration according to UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules or ad hoc arbitration rules.

Administer mediations according to the IAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules or ad hoc mediation rules.

Provide other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

The IAC provides fundholding for arbitrators’ fees and the holding and disbursing of advances paid to cover the reasonable costs of the IAC's own services and facilities.

The IAC is an appointment authority, offering the appointment of arbitrators and mediators from its panel, for arbitrations and mediations conducted at the IAC or elsewhere.

Arbitration awards of the IAC are enforceable in the Republic of Kazakhstan as Orders of the AIFC Court, supported by a robust enforcement system. They are also enforceable internationally under the New York Convention. 

The IAC will provide permanent state of the art administrative facilities, including first class IT, conference, meeting, and hearing rooms at “IAC Chambers” which will be located at the IAC EXPO-2017Astana premises.

The procedures and standards at the IAC seek to follow international best practice and will be familiar to users of arbitration and mediation services in major financial centres around the world.

Barbara Dohmann QC
Chairman, International Arbitration Centre at the AIFC



To be the number one choice for resolution of civil and commercial disputes by arbitration and alternative dispute resolution in Eurasia.



The IAC seeks to establish and develop a fully independent arbitration and alternative dispute resolution system for the expeditious resolution of civil and commercial disputes characterized by reliability, fairness and accessibility, unconditional application of the rule of law, and flexibility that is responsive to the needs of global business markets. 



To provide world class services of settling national and international commercial disputes through arbitration, mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution, in accordance with the IAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules or the rules agreed upon between the parties of a dispute.

To empower regional commerce by increasing confidence in the administration and accessibility of dispute resolution throughout the Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan, the Eurasia region, and globally.

To be an innovative and technologically advanced international arbitration centre and continually aim to improve working processes and standards.

To collaborate with and establish working relationships with other international arbitration centres in Kazakhstan, the Eurasia region, and other jurisdictions, particularly those with close trading links to Kazakhstan.

To promote awareness of the methods of alternative dispute resolution through conferences, symposia, workshops, training courses, specialist publications and printed material and by other means.

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