What is Green Finance Centre

GFC ensures the development of sustainable finance policy and financing instruments in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

  • The only company in Central Asia accredited by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and the Climate Bonds Initiative.
  • #1 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia according to the Global Green Finance Index.
  • Represents the regional office of the Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road (GIP) in Central Asia.

Mission of the Green Finance Centre

Green Finance Centre’s (GFC) mission is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan and the region, by development of enabling sustainable finance policies, fostering sustainable finance instruments and innovation, and providing world-class sustainability services.


Key Milestones of the GFC development

The AIFC Management Council determines the AIFC Development Strategy including green finance development.


The AIFC adopts the Green Finance Concept and Strategy.


Adoption of AIX Green Bonds Rules developed by the GFC


First GLP (Green Finance Leadership Program) co-hosted by GFC


Issuance of Kazakhstan’s first green bonds on the AIX with the support of the GFC


Adoption of the Green Taxonomy developed by the GFC


GFC became the regional chapter of the Green Investment Principles (GIP)in Central Asia for the Belt and Road


Debut green bonds issued by SME with GFC’s support as an external review provider


Debut issuance of green bonds certified by CBI with the support of the GFC



2016 – 2019

Establishment of the GFC

Development of the methodological base for green finance & raising awareness ​

2020 – 2021

Development of the GFC

Launch of the green finance market and adoption of national legislation for green finance and shift to sustainable finance

2022 and forward

Steady progress

Expansion of coverage to Central Asia and regulation to include ESG​ ​

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Green Finance Advisory Council
The Advisory Council on Green Finance was established under the AIFC. The objectives of the Advisory Council are to advise and assist the Governor of the AIFC, as well as AIFC Bodies and their organisations, in developing green financial system that enables the AIFC to position itself as a regional green finance hub and in developing strategic documents of the AIFC on green finance.
Current members of the Council include:
• Sean Kidney, Chair, CEO and co-founder of Climate Bonds Initiative
• Nikolai Podguzov, Chairman of the EDB Management Board
• Dimitri Gvindadze, Director of Climate Strategy and Delivery of EBRD
• Ma Jun, Director of Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability
• Michael Sheren, President and Chief Strategy Officer of MetaVerse Green Exchange.
There were 5 focus groups under this Council with the participation of representatives of industries utilized during consultations on draft documents, amendments to the acts developed by the AIFC Green Finance Centre, discussion on measures to support green projects, as well as development of new financial mechanisms for them at early stage of the market development in 2018-2022.

Regional Office of GIP in Central Asia
The Green Investment Principle (GIP) is a set of principles for greening investment in the Belt and Road. It was co-initiated by the Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking and the City of London Corporation’s Green Finance Initiative, with the participation of Principles for Responsible Investment, Belt & Road Bankers Roundtable, Green Belt and Road Investors Alliance, World Economic Forum, and the Paulson Institute. In June 2021, GFC became the became the regional chapter of the Green Investment Principles (GIP) in Central Asia for the Belt and Road.

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