Non-Financial Companies

If your company is not engaged in any regulated activities (all other activities not included in Regulated Financial/ Ancillary/ Market/ or Fintech Lab), the authorisation process is not required, and applicants may immediately proceed to the registration process


Decide on how you want to establish your legal entity.

You have three options:

  • Incorporate a new entity within the AIFC.
  • Register a Foreign Company/Partnership from any jurisdiction as a Recognised Company or Recognised Partnership.
  • Redomicile a legal entity incorporated in another jurisdiction to the AIFC.

It’s crucial to note that AIFC Participants must regularly provide specific information, such as annual filings, and promptly notify the AIFC of any changes in their registered details (event-driven notification). Post-registration procedures entail ongoing compliance and reporting obligations to ensure adherence to regulatory standards within the AIFC jurisdiction.

Advantages of setting up a business in AIFC

We aim to create an environment where international and local companies can take full advantage of the unique benefits of the centre

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