AIFC Security Registrar held seminar “AIFC Legal Regime” for Members of the Republican Notary Chamber

The AIFC Security Registrar’s Office organized an in-person seminar for members of the Republican Notary Chamber on the topic of “AIFC Legal Regime”. The seminar covered key issues related to the activities of the AIFC, including:

– Features of the AIFC legal regime;

– Procedures for registration and post-registration in the AIFC;

– The procedure for registration of collaterals in the AIFC.

Daniyar Kelbetov, AIFC Security Registrar, Chief Product Officer, and Board Member; Beibut Dosmurzinov, Director of the Legal Development Department and Data Protection Officer; and Zhanna Diyarova, Director of the Participant Support and Sales Department of the AIFC were speakers of the seminar.

The participants of the seminar gained valuable knowledge and practical recommendations on the procedures for registration and post-registration of AIFC participants, collateral registration in the AIFC, and obtaining encumbrance certificates. Special attention was given to the process of obtaining encumbrance certificates, which are frequently requested by the clients of notaries who are AIFC participants. This knowledge will enable notaries to work more effectively within the AIFC legal regime.

During the seminar, Daniyar Kelbetov emphasized the importance of cooperation with notaries for the successful structuring of transactions and ensuring legal security. Such collaboration is necessary for establishing a common understanding, supporting a streamlined process, and protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders.

The seminar facilitated the strengthening of professional connections and the exchange of experience among notaries, which in turn contributes to the development of Kazakhstan’s financial system and increases trust from international investors.

The AIFC Authority expressed gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and support, and hopes for further cooperation in the areas of legal regulation and financial stability.

AIFC AI assistant