Foreign investors and experts in Kazakhstan can now obtain driver license and vehicle registration services at the AIFC Expat Centre

The AIFC Expat Centre is now servicing the requests of foreign investors and experts to issue or replace their driving licenses and to perform the registration of vehicles.

It all came possible with the active support of the MIA’s Committee of Administrative Police and the NJSC “Government for Citizens” State Corporation.”

The AIFC Expat Centre is a specialised multifunctional institution, designated to foster the expedite integration of the foreign nationals into Kazakhstan society on a one-stop-shop basis. It is an integral part of the Nur-Sultan’s metropolitan business infrastructure. The Centre provides foreign nationals with access to an ample variety of government and socially oriented soft-landing services in English. In this sense, it is unique for the whole region of the CIS.

The AIFC Expat Centre provides assistance to all foreign experts and investors in obtaining Kazakhstan visas, the Individual Identification Numbers (IINs) and the Electronic Digital Signatures (EDSs). Through the Public Service Centre (PSC), it offers more than 500 government services. A special representative of the Kazakh Invest NC in attendance and provides services to current and prospect investors. On top of that, the notary services, as well as those of the translation agency, the photo-room, and the cashier’s desk are also available on site. The Centre also does searching of the commercial and residential real estate, logistics and transport companies, daycares, medical, secondary and higher educational institutions on a single-window principle.

Such centres successfully operate in the world’s largest metropolitans, such as New York, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dubai, etc.

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