Leading lawyers were awarded the AIFC Legal Awards 2024 for their contributions to the development and promotion of AIFC law

On February 8th in Astana, lawyers were honored with the AIFC Legal Awards 2024 for their contributions to the advancement of law enforcement practices within the current legal framework of the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). The event, focused on legal development and fostering unity within the financial centre’s legal community, brought together representatives from this community. Awards and letters of appreciation were presented to professionals whose efforts have contributed to the promotion and development of AIFC law, positioning it as a leading jurisdiction for structuring commercial and investment transactions in the region.

At the AIFC Legal Awards 2024, statuettes were specifically awarded to:

  • Bakhyt Tukulov, acknowledging his substantial contribution to legal practice development and unwavering dedication to promoting AIFC law.
  • Grata International Law Firm, represented by Liya Akzhanova, for their exemplary delivery of legal services and dedication to upholding the principles of the legal profession.


Letters of appreciation were extended to:

  • Anton Didikin, in recognition of his significant contributions to the realisation and promotion of AIFC law.
  • Tair Kulteleyev, for his efforts in raising awareness and advancing legal knowledge and practice of AIFC law.
  • Zaure Yespayeva, for the best project portfolio in the realm of AIFC law.
  • Representatives of Narxoz and MNU Universities, recognised for their dedication to legal education in the field of AIFC law, and their commitment to fostering academic excellence and training of future professionals.
  • Joel Benjamin, acknowledged for his role in advancing the development of the AIFC Legal Services Board, which has had a positive impact on the legal industry in Kazakhstan.


The nominees were evaluated based on a range of criteria, including professional competence, innovation in the legal field and impact on the development of legal practice within the AIFC.

“AIFC Legal Awards 2024 – is an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of lawyers whose efforts strengthen the legal foundation of our financial centre. They act as ambassadors of the AIFC legal regime, underscoring our commitment to upholding high standards of transparency, legality and innovation in our legal practices,”- stated Renat Bekturov, the AIFC Governor.

At the event, representatives from the AIFC Authority and the Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) shared insights with guests regarding upcoming plans for 2024 and innovations in their operations, including the proposal to establish an institute for sharing expertise in the practical application of AIFC law. AIFC speakers also addressed inquiries related to the financial centre’s activities. Overall, the event fostered stronger connections and professional dialogue among lawyers, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences within the legal framework of the AIFC.

The Astana International Financial Centre stands out as a unique jurisdiction in Central Asia with a special legal regime within the financial sphere. In selecting its legal framework, the AIFC was guided by the best international practices and standards of leading international financial centres for establishing a comfortable and comprehensible legal regime for investors.

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