Startup “Okoo” is Setting Off Fundraising Campaign on Co-Investment Platform “Venture Rocket Eurasia”

A Kazakhstan-based edtech startup, “Okoo”, is launching its first fundraising campaign on the Venture Rocket Eurasia (VRE) platform on July 28, at 1 PM Nur-Sultan.

Okoo ( is a digital platform offering programming courses to both students and teachers. The startup aims at making the process of programming education fast and easy as well as motivating and increasing the students’ engagement. Founded in 2019, Okoo has over 10,000 registered users currently.

Venture Rocket Eurasia is a startup ecosystem management tool and the first co-investment platform in Central Asia that helps promising startups launch fundraising campaigns and provides global investors with an opportunity to invest in a fully regulated environment.

“Unlike other platforms, we clearly focus on secondary and high school students as well as the Computer Science curriculum, designed specifically for them. We believe that age defines both the content and the approach of teaching it in the most effective way,” –  says Dinmukhamed Junussov, the CEO and Co-founder of Okoo.

“Education on Okoo platform provides an opportunity for students to master their knowledge on their own. At the same time, teachers can control the learning process easily with a very user-friendly interface,” – says Sansyzbay, a high-school CS teacher, one of the platform’s users.

“It is not a secret that students of many schools used to be not interested in Computer Science some time ago. The introduction of Okoo with a rating system and a competitive element has changed the situation: children have begun to be engaged in programming. They like to see their last name in the rating lists, thus, no one forces them to go to our platform every day and solve problems. Looking through the Okoo analytics, we see that many schoolchildren complete tasks, even those ones that are not included in the curriculum, even at weekends and on holidays. We feel that we have made a useful and interesting product, and this motivates us to improve it even more”, – adds Dinmukhamed Junussov, the CEO and Co-founder of Okoo.

“Central Asia is an amazing place for scouting and boosting promising startups with great ideas and talented people ready to implement them. Thus, at Venture Rocket Eurasia, we aim at assisting them in growing their business undertakings, supporting them with our venture building services, and attracting more investment opportunities.  We are excited for Okoo to start their fundraising campaign on our platform,” – shared Arslan Kudiyar, CEO at the Venture Rocket Eurasia.

The raised funds will be spent on facilitating the marketing strategy of the platform and extending its functionality, by adding courses for younger schoolchildren and adults and attracting more customers to the Okoo product.

To join the online fundraising campaign and learn more about the startup, please, register here – The campaign will last for three months.



Venture Rocket Eurasia is a startup ecosystem management and investment platform, set up by the Fintech Hub of the AIFC ( and the global research and innovation company, Titanium Technologies (

This is the first co-investment platform for startups in Central Asia that aims in attracting regional and global capital providers. For investors, this platform is an opportunity to connect with vetted startups, invest with other partners, and enter a global network of other ecosystem members to get startup support services from them.

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