Personal Manager

We are pleased to introduce our exclusive Personal Manager service, designed to enhance your experience with any Expat Center service.


The service is provided on a turnkey basis to save a time and minimize client’s involvement into the process. All the procedures on completing the required documents for registration, obtaining Kazakhstan visa, IIN, EDS, other government and soft-landing services will be arranged by the Personal Manager.

The Personal Manager service is a comprehensive solution that proves indispensable, particularly for individuals seeking:
  • Work Visa (C3, including dependent)
  • Investor Visa (A5, including dependent)Letter of Invitation (LOI)
  • Letter of Invitation (LOI)
  • Temporary Residence Permit (including dependent)
* For these specific visa categories, the Personal Manager service is not just an option; it is a mandatory component of the process.

What does our Personal Manager service entail

Full Consultation
Our expert advisors provide comprehensive consultations, ensuring you are well-informed about all aspects of migration laws relevant to your visa application.

Clarification of Migration Laws
We make the legal landscape clear for you, answering questions and providing guidance to ensure a thorough understanding of the migration laws involved.

Document Collection and Upload
Our team takes care of collecting and uploading all necessary documents to the AIFC portal, saving you time and effort.

Document Delivery Service
As part of our commitment to convenience, we offer a document delivery service, bringing the completed documents to your doorstep.

Complimentary Loyalty Club card
Unlock exclusive benefits with Loyalty Club Card when obtaining Work Visa or TRP.

Experience a simplified visa acquisition process with AIFC Expat Centre’s Personal Manager service.

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