Expat Centre is a one-stop-shop with access to a wide range of government and soft-landing services to AIFC international business partners, foreign employees, investors and as well as other foreign citizens staying in Kazakhstan.

Whether relocating alone, with family, or for work, our dedicated team offers tailored assistance with personal manager service. Simply book a visit time that suits you, and Expat Centre team will take care of the rest.

The EC as a one-stop shop institution assists in obtaining a wide range of services:
• Kazakhstan Visa related services;
• Migration related services;
•Obtaining Individual Identification Number (IIN), Tax & Revenue related services;
• Taxpayer’s Certificate
• Dactyloscopy (fingerprint scanner)
• Electronic Digital Signature for 500+ e-government services (Public Service Centre);
• Vehicle registration services;
• Obtaining driver’s license;
• Soft-landing services (guidance on and assistance in search of commercial and residential real estate, logistics companies, international schools, medical institutions, etc.);
• Notary Public services;
• Translation Bureau;
• Self service desk;
• Support & Consulting services.

Beyond migration and government document processing, we provide notary services, document translation and notarization, and a self-service desk for quick queries. We also offer extensive support in soft-landing services, including guidance on medical insurance and assistance in finding residential and commercial real estate.

The EC provides favourable conditions for obtaining government and soft-landing services, not only for the AIFC participants, but also for companies who deal with foreign business partners and hire foreign employees as well as for foreign individuals visiting and residing in Astana city. In this regard, the EC becomes an integral part of the business infrastructure of the city, contributing to the investment attractiveness of the economy of Kazakhstan.

Foreign employees and their family members are welcome to obtain government and non-government services at EC. Dependent family members must provide confirmation of relationship and copy of the visa of a primary applicant.

Yes, we provide guidance on selecting medical insurance and can help facilitate the process of obtaining coverage that meets your needs while residing in Kazakhstan.

Yes, we provide guidance on selecting medical insurance and can help facilitate the process of obtaining coverage that meets your needs while residing in Kazakhstan.

Appointments can be booked through our onlineAIFC portal. You can book appointments for any of our services, and it’s recommended to schedule at least one day in advance. (portal link)

You can find us at 55/18 Mangilik El Avenue, Pavilion C3.3, Astana, 010017, Kazakhstan.

Feedback or complaints can be submitted via email at [email protected], or directly at our service desk. We are committed to continuous improvement and value your input.

The Expat Centre can assist you with various visa types including Short-term and Long-term Business Visas (B1/B3, B2/B3), Work and Dependant Visas (C3), and Investor’s and Dependant Visa (A5). We also provide full support in the application process for Temporary Residence Permits.

Find out more on visa application process here (link to migration services page)

We offer comprehensive support throughout the application process, including assistance with fingerprinting and notifications upon arrival to ensure you comply with all local regulations.

To achieve the AIFC goals and create a comfortable environment for investors, a unique preferential visa regime was introduced:
  · AIFC participants are exempt from obtaining quotas and work permits to hire foreign staff;
  · Work visas for foreign employees of the AIFC participants can be issued for a period of up to five years;
  · Visas for AIFC participants can be obtained at the EC, upon arrival at the international airports of Kazakhstan and at the Kazakh Embassies.

A foreign national entering the Republic of Kazakhstan is required to present a passport and a valid visa, unless they are a citizen of a country with visa-free regime coming for short-term purposes such as: business, conferences, private, etc. Foreign nationals who are not on the visa-free regime list should obtain appropriate visa category before travelling to Kazakhstan.

Yes, the Expat Centre helps in obtaining vital documents such as the IIN, electronic digital signatures, certificates of tax residency, and even driver’s licenses and vehicle registration.

You can register for services through our AIFC portal. The process involves submitting an application, uploading necessary documents, paying the service fee, booking an appointment, and visiting our centre. Find out more on steps to register here (link to the government services page)

Members of the Loyalty Club gain access to exclusive offers and networking opportunities, which can greatly enhance your experience and integration into the local community.

You can sign up for the Loyalty Club directly through our website, by contacting us at [email protected]z or by visiting the Expat Centre, where our staff will assist you with the enrollment process. Find out more on becoming a member here (link to the loyalty club page)

Our Personal Managers offer tailored consultation and complete assistance in processing all required documents for obtaining visas, IIN, EDS, and other government and non-government services, ensuring a seamless process.

Find out more about our Personal manager services here (link to the PM page)

The service is ideal for those who require an in-depth, personalized approach, particularly when applying for visas with dependents, seeking a Temporary Residence Permit, or needing detailed guidance through the migration and relocation processes.

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