Expat Centre

The number of international specialists and their family members in Kazakhstan is growing rapidly, and the creation and consistent development of AIFC will further accelerate this process. The AIFC Expat Centre is intended to provide foreign employees of AIFC bodies and AIFC participants, as well as their families, with all the necessary services. At the Expat Centre, AIFC international business partners, foreign employees and other foreign citizens staying in Kazakhstan are offered centralized one-stop-shop access to a wide range of public and other services, including in English.

To achieve the AIFC goals and create a comfortable environment for investors, a unique preferential visa regime was introduced:

  • Citizens of 45 countries (the OECD countries, Malaysia, Monaco, UAE, and Singapore) enjoy visa-free travel to the Republic of Kazakhstan for up to 30 days;
  • AIFC participants are exempted from obtaining work permits;
  • Upon invitation by the AIFC bodies and AIFC participants, working visas are issued for a period of up to five years.

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